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Tree and Hedge Cutting Ladders and Platforms


Hedge cutting platforms

Platforms offer good option for taller hedges cutting but are only really suitable if you have plenty of space and the surrounding ground is reasonably level, however some platforms such as the model featured below are designed to be used on sloping ground and uneven terrain. Platforms are ideal for maximum stability and freedom of movement whilst working. Wheels can also be fitted for easy transportation around the garden.

Ladder brace

The ladderbrace (pictured below) turns an extension ladder into a free standing ladder, ideal for tree pruning and hedge cutting. A good option if you don’t need a dedicated platform.

Bench ladders

Bench ladders function as conventional step ladders, but can also be made into a bench platform suitable for cutting hedges up to around 8-9 feet high. The foot plates drop into place to provide the platform area. Take care with these as you have nothing to hold on to except the hedge!

Orchard ladders

Similar in design to a stepladder, an orchard ladder has a tapered upper section and a single front supporting leg. Orchard ladders are designed to get amongst the crown of trees for pruning and harvesting. The beech wood model pictured below is ideal for maintaining small and medium sized fruit trees.

Extending ladders

A board can be lashed to the top of an extending ladder and then leant against the side of the hedge. The board prevents the ladder from sinking into the hedge. This method is only suitable if the hedge is dense and capable of supporting your weight but it does provide easy access to the tops of high hedges.