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Tips for growing the best carrots

Growing the carrots in your garden is actually an easy task. All you have to do is give the right amount of care consistently, and you’ll have the best carrots all season long. Following certain steps when growing carrots will not only ensure that they come out right, but will ensure that your harvest will not be disappointing.

Caring for Carrots

When you plant carrots, you should be mulching gently to ensure that moisture retains in the soil, and so the roots will be blocked from the sun. This also helps to speed germination, as well. Keep the soil loose for proper root growth, and use scissors to snip them instead of pulling at them. This helps the roots of the plants that remain.

Growing healthy carrots requires just enough water, but not too much. Water your carrots approximately one inch each week, and ensure that you weed regularly. Carrots are known to taste better when they grow throughout frosts, so cover them with leaves so they can be preserved for a later harvest. After about six weeks, use fertilizer after you have sowed your carrots.

If you want to have fresh seeds for future use, leave your carrots in the ground until their tops completely flower out. This will ensure that seeds for the second year are produced and ready to go!

Growing Healthy Carrots

Growing the best carrots requires consistency, patience and a little extra care. Following the tips listed above will ensure that your carrots come out a success.