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The Best Herbs to Grow in Your Garden


Getting Started With Growing Herbs At Home

Choosing to add herbs to your garden is a great way to really get back to nature. Not to mention the fact that when you grow your own you get better quality herbs, save money and have them ready any time you want them. Buying herbs in the store can be extremely expensive; it’s a lot cheaper to buy the seeds or seedlings and grow them yourself.

There are so many wonderful herbs that you can grow in your garden. We’re going to give you three great ones to start you out.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


This herb is absolutely awesome, and can be used dried or fresh. Thankfully, you are able to grow it inside a planter and move it indoors if the weather is too cold, and it can stay dry between waterings.  Depending upon your geography, rosemary can live all year round like an annual, coming back year after year!


Sage, another annual herb in the right geography, grows for an incredibly long time, over five years, and can go up higher than three feet. You can use it in recipes, as a decoration, or even to smudge and cleanse your home. There are so many uses for sage, it’s crazy. However, if you don’t want it go grow to a tall height, you can cut it back regularly and plant it into a container or a potter.


Everyone loves chives. The smell, the taste, everything about them is wonderful. The great thing about chives is that you can grow it in a potter or directly into your garden, whichever you like. During the dead of winter (unless you live where there is lot of snow), green stems will grow. Therefore, this is a plant that has a use all year round!

Growing Herbs in Your Garden

Growing your own herbs is a great way to have organic food, save money, and even just grow them for fun. Pick the ones that you like but don’t forget to experiment and try some new ones.  You never know, you might end up with some new favorites!