Vital Garden Supply – Vital Fish Powder

Vital Fish Powder is a highly effective fertilizer made from 100% dry, soluble hydrolyzed cod. It has been CDFA certified as an organic input material and is composed of 80% L-amino acids, as well as a range of macro and micronutrients, including iron and zinc. These amino acids are a unique type of nitrogen that plays a crucial role in the vegetative cycle of plants, helping to support growth and health without burning leaves when used at the recommended rate.

Protein is essential for the growth and health of plants, and L-amino acids are the building blocks of plant proteins. In plants, these proteins serve many functions, including providing structure to cells, aiding in DNA replication, catalyzing chemical reactions through enzymes, and amplifying photosynthesis and tissue growth.

Vital Fish Powder can be applied to plants either through foliar feeding or root drenching, making it a versatile and convenient fertilization option.