Royal Gold Tuper Potting Soil

There is a range of plants that need regular feeding. Usually these cultivation techniques are set up with 70/30 Coco Perlite Blends.

On the other hand, Royal Gold Tupur which is a soilless medium for growing plants, it is based on coco fiber, which excels in both holding extremely high levels of oxygen and water. It works so well, that it can actually be watered between 5-6 times a day based on your requirements.

The main watering systems that its perfect for include:

Ebb and flow
Deep water culture
Drain to waste systems
Recirculating systems

Can it be used in traditional feeding programs? The simple answer is yes, and its popular in home garden systems as well.

It usually sold in 1.78 cubic foot bags.


Royal Gold Tupur Mix is an all-natural blend of highly-porous ingredients designed to allow the gardener to feed plants more often. This soil blend has no nutrient charge.