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The Ultimate Guide To Hanging Baskets

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Ideas for Planter Drip Trays

If you ever bought new planters or came across a few unused planters in a garage or shed, you probably had to deal with missing or non-existent drip trays. Although inexpensive plastic drip trays are available from many stores that sell planters and plant pots, they’re all fairly basic, offered in standard sizes and colors […]
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Step-By-Step How to Build a Grow Box From a Plastic Container

Building your own grow box is a versatile project that lets you start seeds indoors and get a jump on the upcoming gardening season. You can use common household items to create this indoor mini-bed for planting your seeds. The best time to start seeds indoors is to count backward from your area’s last expected […]
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Portable Grow Rooms

The rise in grow tent popularity over the last ten years has been tremendous. Given the numerous advantages grow tents offer over traditional outdoor growing its not hard to tell why.
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