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About Kelzyme

Calcium is an important mineral that your plants need. Kelzyme is reputed to be an amazing source of calcium that can be mixed with your soil to enhance its calcium (and other mineral) content. The product uses active enzymes that further aid the growth of “good” bacteria for the soil.

Additionally Kelzyme is reputed to discourage the growth of harmful fungi.

Challenges & Solutions

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Kelzyme Benefits:

The reputed benefits of kelzyme include


  • Increase the yield of most plants
  • Increase the nutrition value
  • High Calcium Content
  • Ingredients are said to be 100% natural

The biggest problem with Kelyme is its availability. It isnt readily available.

  • Hard to Find
  • Range is limited

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ALternaives to Kelzyme

There are a few alternatives to this product, which we will list in due time with detailed reviews.