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How to Hang Outdoor Planters


Outdoor planters fill, freshen and invigorate an otherwise empty outdoor space. Hanging planters can be used for a wide range of horticultural applications, including herbs, vegetables and flowers. When properly installed, a hanging planter will not damage or compromise a structure’s integrity.

Things You’ll Need

  1. Galvanized chain
  2. Screw hooks (ceiling hooks, cup hooks or swag hooks)
  3. Drill and drill bits
  4. Small bolt cutter
  5. Tape measure
  6. Pencil


  1. Measure and mark for the installation of hooks on the planter if it does not already have hooks attached. Three hooks are sufficient for circular planters, while four hooks are necessary for rectangular and square planters. Mark positions around the diameter of a circular planter or the perimeter of a rectangular planter. Space hook placement so that the weight of the planter will be evenly distributed. For example, on a four-sided planted, mark a place for a hook at the center of each side or two hooks on each of the longest sides.
  2. Drill pilot holes for the hooks at the places marked. The pilot hole should be slightly smaller than the shank of the hook. Fasten the hooks to the planter by inserting their tips in the pilot holes and turning them clockwise to tighten.
  3. Attach hooks to the ceiling, soffits, beams or other parts of an outdoor structure. Use a pencil and tape measure to mark the desired position of hooks. Circular planters might require only a single hook, while rectangular planters might require two or more hooks to hold a planter evenly in place. Drill pilot holes through the marks for the hooks. Attach the hooks by inserting into pilot holes and turning clockwise to tighten.
  4. Measure and cut the chain. Use a tape measure to determine the desired length of the chain. Find the closest chain link to the desired measurement, and cut the chain to length using small bolt cutters.
  5. Hang the planters. Attach cut pieces of chain first to the hooks attached to the structure. Hold the planter in place, and attach the loose ends of chain to the hooks on the planters. Adjust the level of the planters by moving the hooks up and down the links of chain.

Tips & Warnings

Chain and hooks are available in a variety of finishes and colors. Make sure you pick the right style for your home.

Ensure that your hanging hardware can support the combined weight of your planter, soil and plants. Consult hardware manufacturer’s specifications prior to hanging.


Photo by Angèle Kamp on Unsplash