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How can I safely keep bugs off my lettuce?


All gardeners know that bugs seeping into their gardens are inevitable.  Bugs love leafy green vegetables, especially lettuce, and they will see your garden as a buffet. However, you can do many things to keep bugs away from your precious lettuce.

Keeping Lettuce Bug Free — Naturally

Lettuce is a vegetable which we eat all the parts that grow above the ground so it is very important that you choose options that are safe for human consumption. It’s not just enough to wash your lettuce because some insecticides will grow right in to the leaves.

Even though there are multiple options on the market to help kill and keep bugs off of your garden, must of them aren’t as organic as you’d think, and can harm your plants. To keep aphids away, grow a plant which will attract their predators. This includes plants such as buckwheat, parsley and sunflowers. Or, you could grow mint, basil, chives or other herbs that have a strong scent.

There are multiple organic sprays that you can find online and create yourself, just by mixing a couple of ingredients which you can find at home. For example, using a mixture of garlic and other strong smelling herbs will help to keep rabbits away. For bugs, however, try using a caffeine spray.

There are many different recipes for this type of natural defense system to keep bugs off your lettuce. For example, you could use an herb such as thyme or lavender, and mix it with two tablespoons of used coffee grounds. Add two cups of water, let it sit, and you’re good to go!

Keeping Lettuce Safe Against Bugs

No one ever said gardening would be easy, especially when it comes to the fight against bugs and your lettuce. But, there are ways to protect your plants – and it’s definitely worth it in the end!