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Greenhouse Cleaning and Hygiene

As spring approaches and the growing season draws nearer, it’s time to start thinking about cleaning the greenhouse in preparation for the new crop. Greenhouse cleanliness is important to prevent any disease and infection spreading through your plants, and also to help maintain the general condition of the greenhouse.

Any old compost and fertilizer bags can harbour a range of insects and diseases and should ideally kept somewhere else such as the garden shed. Also, try to avoid leaving any dead vegetation in the greenhouse, put it in the compost as soon as you can. Pots, seed trays tools and staging should be washed with warm water and a little household (or horticultural) disinfectant. Clay pots can be soaked in a bucket of warm water to remove caked-on dirt and soil.

Give the inside of the greenhouse a good wash down with warm water and disinfectant. If you have a pressure washer, you can use it to gently remove dirt from the corners and crevices. A pressure washer is also useful for removing the strips of algae that form wherever the panes of glass overlap. Give the interior a spray with disinfectant after pressure washing and rinse again.

When you finished cleaning, check the hinges and sliding mechanisms on the doors and ventilators. Apply some light oil or WD40 where needed and replace any missing glazing clips. If you have automatic openers, refer to the manufacturers instructions regarding maintenance.

Try and treat the greenhouse environment as you would any other room in your house; a decent level of cleanliness will result in happier, healthier plants and crops.