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Easy Vegetable Plants For Beginners


Growing Vegetables At Home – For Beginners

If you’re a beginner gardener and are not too sure what to grow, this article is for you. There are so many great plants to grow, both regular and vegetable, that are incredibly easy. Once you get the hang of things, you’ll be growing like the professionals in no time!

Salad Leaves

Salad leaves are a type of plant that is easy to take care of, has multiple flavors, and even multiple textures! Once you have planted them, you can expect your salad leaves to be ready to eat in just three weeks.  And they will continue to grow all throughout the summer, which is even better.  Some varieties can even be planted a second time around for salads in the fall, depending upon your climate.

Mint Leaves

This type of plant is incredibly easy to grow, as it only needs moist soil. Planting mint leaves in a potter is typically preferred, to ensure that it does not spread everywhere, and can be picked fresh from the plant as soon as they are ready.


Peas are also another vegetable that is incredibly easy to grow. Peas love the cooler weather, so plant them between March to June, and they should be ready between July to August. All you need is some netting or some chicken wire to help erect the plant and support the pods at the end of each row. Plus, they keep growing as you pick them!

Growing Your Own Garden is Worth the Effort

Growing your own vegetables really is not that hard and the benefits having your own garden are too many to be listed. If you are a new gardener, don’t be afraid to experiment.  Have fun and enjoy the gardening process!