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Creative Ideas for Outdoor Planters


You are tired of all the same boring planters that are available commercially. You want something different, striking, completely out of the norm. Look around the home and garden. Poke into the garage. You will find all kinds of different planters. Look at things in one basic way. Will it hold water? If it does, it can be a planter.


Boots, high heels or shoes make garden planters. Country gardens have old boots as planters, while urban women prefer the high heels. Holes drilled into the bottoms of the shoes or boots are drain holes for the water. Fill the shoes with potting soil and add plants that complement the style of the shoe. For instance, work boots look better with blooming flowers along with ivy spilling down the sides. High heels look ideal with small compact plants that fill the toes of the shoe. Display shoes, of any style, either together or separately, depending on the visual effect that is desirable.

Photo by Andrew Masters on Unsplash

Broken Pottery

Gardeners usually have broken pots somewhere. Use the broken pots and arrange in a display that will hold soil. This works even it only holds a small amount of soil. The soil and roots of plants will hold it together. Make as many as possible with the broken pieces and each pot will be different.

Photo by OC Gonzalez on Unsplash

Tubs and Buckets

Find an old metal tub or bucket. Clean the tub and add potting soil, plants, and you have a new planter. Metal tubs are excellent for all types of cactus to make a small cactus garden. Tropical plants look good in metal tubs as well due to the large blooming flowers.


Dishes and pots work as planters as well. Perhaps you have an old bowl that is just gathering dust for one reason or another. Pull it out, clean it up and turn it into a planter. Rustic style planters made out of old cook pots and skillets are optional ideas. Simply take the handles off the pots and fill with any type flower or plant.


Old tires are good choices for planters as well. Take more than one tire and create a cascading planter box if you have more than one old tire. Lay the largest tire on the ground, add sand or rocks on one side of the tire and place a second tire on the sand and just overlapping the first tire. Keep adding tires in this manner and slightly curved to a multiple planter box. Add soil to each tire and put flowers in one, green plants in another and cactus in the third tire.

Photo by Eirc Shi on Unsplash

Other Ideas

Other ideas include barbecue grills, computer towers, vegetable colanders, old sinks and bathtubs and even some used car parts. Use your imagination and you will see all kinds of planters right in your own home.

Featured Photo by Antônia Felipe on Unsplash