It i s in our ability to embrace nature that sets us apart from everyone else. That doesn’t mean community is important to us, actually the opposite is true. 

One Stop Garden Shop is an experimenting building a bank of tips, advice, reviews and guides that helps you bring your passion home. 

Our Mission

Our aim is to be the number one Home Gardening site world-wide. 

Our Vision

From the start, our vision has been to deliver the best content in the home gardening space.

Worked We Have Done

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We have done reviewed several hundred products. See our Reviews.

We Are Since 2010!

After spending time growing our own plants at home as a hobby, we started to realise that the information just wasn’t out there to really make home gardening a success. 

Out of that need grew One Stop Garden Shop. 

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Our Commitment

Our team specializes in finding, reviewing and testing the best products for your garden, whether its at home, indoors, or in your backyard.


It is easy to learn to build your own garden. Regardless of the size, our team is here to help.

Three Steps To Gardening

A Simple Process

In reality the process is simple. Always follow these three tips and you wont go wrong!


Before starting your garden or project, do your research!


Plan & Prepare

Get a proper plan in place. measure spaces available, work out costs of all tools and materials needed.


Take Your Time

A great garden or growing project doesn't come up over night. Patience is key.


What's Going On In Our Blog?

Tonnes of cool advice and projects you can try at home!

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